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The Fryd Extracts Live Resin and Liquid Diamonds are taking the THC oil industry by storm and they’re better and more affordable than ever here at Fryd Extracts!

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We want to change the way people enjoy THC products. We believe THC vaping is the best way to enjoy any type of marijuana extract, which is why we’ve made Live Resin and Liquid Diamonds central to our entire range.

But we’re going even further. We want THC carts to be practical and fun. We understand that users don’t want to waste time preparing their THC oil themselves. That’s why we’ve made a range of products that can be enjoyed right out of the box.

We’re on a mission to make THC products tastier, easier to use, and more fun than ever before. We want daydreamers, solo stoners, wake ‘n’ bakers, and anyone who enjoys THC products to Stay Fryd — one Fryd Disposable at a time.

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