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Blueberry Zlushie is a potent indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blue Sherbert with Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. This strain produces a heavy head high that leaves you feeling cerebral and relaxed. In large doses, Blue Slush will make you feel sedated and locked to the sofa. In terms of flavor, this strain reportedly tastes like blue raspberry with notes of earthy undertones. The aroma is fruity and sweet. Medical marijuana patients turn to Blue Slush to relieve symptoms associated with insomnia, pain, and depression. Other fryd disposable 2 gram live resin flavors include; BERRY ZKITTLESDOUBLE STUF OREOPINK STARBURSTPINK GUAVA GELATOLEMONBERRY TARTZPURPLE POP ROCKSSTRAWBERRY LEMONCELLOTROPICAL RUNTZ PUNCHWATERMELON GUSHERSWILD BAJA BLAST

4 reviews for Blueberry Zlushie

  1. Carlos Laura (verified owner)

    I appreciate the transparency of Fryd Extracts. They provide detailed information about their extraction process and ingredients.

  2. Hugo Emilia (verified owner)

    I trust Fryd Extracts for their commitment to quality and safety. They prioritize their customers’ well-being.

  3. Min-seo Ji-yoon (verified owner)

    Fryd Extracts’ extracts are perfect for those who appreciate the complexity of cannabis flavors.

  4. Javier Sofia (verified owner)

    The packaging of Fryd Extracts is sleek and professional. It keeps the products fresh and secure.

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